Ways You Can Customize A Dog Crate

When you first come across custom dog crates for sale, you may wonder what, exactly, you could possibly customize about a metal box you transport your dog in. But actually, there are more customizable features on a dog crate than you may realize. Here are some ways you can customize a dog crate to make it better suited to your dog's needs and your own.


Dog crates have traditionally come in small, medium, and large sizes. But there are some dogs who are too big for one size crate but have way too much room in the next size down. If your dog is one of them, you may be best off with a custom crate made to your exact, preferred dimensions. It will be nice to have something that gives your dog enough room but is not so big that you struggle to carry it.

Open-Close Mechanism

Have you ever come across a dog crate you thought you liked until you tried to close it and found that too difficult to accomplish? With a custom dog crate, you can typically choose between a few different open-close mechanisms. If you find sliding latches easiest, go with those. If a snap closure is easier for you to operate, choose that option.

Built-in Bowls

Some people give their dogs food and water in their crates, and others do not. If you do feed your dog in their crate, there is always the concern that they may tip over the bowls and make a mess. But with a custom crate, you can have built-in bowls added if you prefer. Sometimes these can be molded into the plastic that forms the bottom of the crate. Other times, the crate may be built with a snap-in feature so you can insert and remove bowls, securely, as needed.

Your Dog's Name

Customization is not just about function; it is also about looks. You can have your dog's name painted onto the side or the front of the crate, and you can even have your own name added if you prefer. Many crate companies will even let you choose a color and a font style for this text.

Customizing a dog crate allows you to create a space that really works for your dog and for you. With the features above, you do not have to go through as much of a hassle every time you use the crate, either.

For more information, contact a custom dog crate supplier today.