Three Ways To Add Privacy To Your Backyard

If you want to use your backyard space this summer, you may find yourself looking for ways to add some privacy to the outdoor space. If you have neighbors within earshot or windows that peek into your yard, it can feel awkward entertaining while on display. There are several ways you can get creative with your privacy on your property. Here are three of the easiest ways to give your yard an update with privacy.


Standard fencing can be a great way to define your property and add a wall between you and your neighbors. Fencing comes in a large variety of materials to choose from. Wrought iron, vinyl, and wood are some of the most popular materials homeowners choose. Vinyl colors can be customized to blend into surroundings or act as a nice contrast in the yard. You can choose a height that complements your home and gives you the privacy you desire. Talk to a fencing contractor about what they would recommend for your particular situation. 

Patio Enclosures

If you like to relax out on your back patio, you should consider getting a patio enclosure. Creating an indoor feel in an outdoor space can give you lots of privacy and an initiate feel while entertaining. Pergolas with walls, sunrooms, or other enclosures can be a beautiful addition. This works extra well in areas that have too much sun or wind and can provide you with comfort outside for more weeks out of the year. Consider adding patio railings for guests that need a little more assistance with their mobility. You can get creative with the design of an enclosure and get a particular style that matches your home. Keeping a steady style aesthetic is a great way to add value to your home with the updates in your yard.


Sunshades can be a great addition to an outdoor fence or structure. The shades can be hung to act as a sun cover or faux wall. These shades can help block sun, wind, and rain to complete your backyard space. Sunshades are affordable and are easily attached to existing structures at affordable prices. A fencing contractor can help you select the best spot to utilize a shade and help you get it installed correctly. 

Start working on your backyard space so you can enjoy it all summer long. Get creative to find what options give you the most privacy.