Chainlink Fencing: Protect Your Suburban Landscaping from Deer

Are deer getting into your backyard and causing havoc? The answer is a good fence. If you live in a suburban area, the fencing you choose needs to blend into the residential neighborhood while still keeping the deer out of your flowers. Chainlink fencing provides a good solution, especially if you choose the style and features best suited to deer exclusion.


Height is the surest way to keep deer out of your backyard. Unfortunately, most suburban fences top out at about 6 feet, which isn't always high enough to prevent a hungry deer from leaping over the top. Chainlink fencing is available in a variety of heights, so there are options that are more likely to keep deer out. Taller fences are commonly installed in residential areas for more than just keeping out deer, as they are also desirable for those with backyard pools, so your tall fence won't necessarily look out of place. 

Tilted Panels

If a taller fence isn't an option, perhaps due to neighborhood covenants or local code restrictions, then there is a style option that helps prevent deer from jumping. Deer can typically jump high but they do not leap over large areas. There are special panels made to attach to the top of a chainlink fence that tilt outward. Deer are hesitant to attempt the jump over the tilt panel due to the distance they must now bridge to clear the fence. 

Sight Blocks

Deer do not like to jump blindly into an area. One issue with chainlink fencing is that a deer can see through them, thus increasing the temptation to leap the fence into the yard. Windscreens are an option you can add onto a chainlink fence to make it more solid. These sturdy screens are made of durable outdoor fabrics and they come in a range of colors. Not only will the screen discourage foraging deer, it will also provide a windblock and increased privacy for your family.

Scare Devices

Erratic, fast movements can startle a deer. There are a variety of options available that can be attached to the wire mesh of a chainlink fence, from fluttering silver ribbons to small spinner devices. Place these on the fence at head level for a deer. The scare devices will both ensure the deer can see your fence and help dissuade them from coming any closer.

Contact a fencing company to learn more about chainlink options for deer prevention.