Vinyl Fencing Options To Consider For Your Property

Solid-panel privacy fences are common choices when it comes to vinyl fencing, but there are many styles of vinyl fencing to choose from that fulfill different purposes on your property. You can also choose different looks for your fence by selecting decorative tops and caps or by choosing a color other than white. Here are some vinyl fence options available.

Semi-Private Vinyl Panels

A traditional privacy fence is made of solid panels that block the view through the fence. You may want a standard privacy fence if you want to block the view of your neighbors' properties or keep your neighbors from seeing inside your yard. A semi-private fence panel is made in a similar way except it has space between the pickets. The gap between the pickets allows you to see movement on the other side of the fence, but it still allows some privacy. The gap also lets air flow through the fence to decrease the risk of strong winds blowing the fence down.

A similar style of fence is the shadowbox vinyl fence. This also has gaps between the pickets and provides partial privacy, but it is made with the alternating pickets on either side so it has a more decorative appearance.

Post And Rail Ranch Fences

You can buy vinyl fencing for your ranch or farm or just to mark the boundaries of your large property. These are attractive fences that don't need as much maintenance as a classic wood ranch fence. White is a popular color for post and rail fences, but you can also opt for a darker color that doesn't show dirt as easily. You can choose the number of rails in the fence, and you can even opt for a crossbuck fence that has crossed rails for a more decorative appearance.

Pool Fencing

Vinyl is also a good choice for pool fencing since it tolerates full sun and water exposure well. This fencing has panels built according to safety codes for pool fences that regulate things like fence height and space between the pickets. These fences are usually semi-private, so you can see between the rails and their gates self-latch.

You can also choose vinyl fencing in different heights so you can have a white picket fence installed in your front yard or a tall security fence installed in your backyard. You might want a fence with solar post caps that light automatically at night or a fence made in a dark color that resembles unpainted wood. You have many options in vinyl fencing, and they all have the benefit of needing little maintenance over the years when compared to wood.

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