Use Chain Link Fencing To Enclose Your Staff Parking Lot

If your employees have been parking on a dirt surface that is located near the end of a strip mall, it can be frustrating to deal with the public utilizing the spaces that you have reserved for your workforce. Separate the employee lot by securing commercial chain link fencing around it. During the day, hang a sign that prohibits unauthorized people from entering the lot, and at the end of the day, lock the fencing to keep intruders out.

People May Not Be Aware Of Your Property Rights

Since a strip mall is open to the public and motorists tend to look for parking spaces that are close to where they will be shopping, it is likely that the public was not aware that you own the dirt lot and this is why you have been dealing with an influx of vehicles in the lot. Installing a chain link fence will make a statement and will not only keep unwarranted motorists off of the property but will also prevent pedestrians from walking through the parking area and potentially littering or vandalizing the property.

Choose a chain link fence style that is constructed of plain metal or select colored panels that contain chain link sections that are coated with a colored vinyl. The fencing height should be tall enough so that nobody will be able to climb over the barricade.

You can also choose an enclosure that contains capped ends or angled pieces to discourage people from climbing the enclosure. The gate will need to be wide enough to allow your employees to drive into and out of the enclosure. Select a locking mechanism that can be secured to the gate after everyone has headed home for the day. 

Parking Decals And Signage Will Alert People

If your workers haven't been required to show proof of identity when parking, it may be a wise idea to mandate that each of your staff members post a parking decal on a window or the dashboard of their vehicle. Order decals that have your company's name printed on them and hand them out to everyone who is employed by you. Hang a sign near the gate of the parking area that specifies that the parking area is for employees only.

Anyone else who enters the lot, either by accident or on purpose, may be quick to turn around and exit since they will be aware that all of the other vehicles are marked. Let your employees know that the fenced-in area will be off-limits at the end of each day. This will prompt your workers to move their vehicles shortly after they punch out at the end of their shifts.