How To Care For Wood Fencing

If you want to give your yard both privacy and plenty of aesthetic appeal, consider installing a wood fence. While there are other fencing options, natural wood may be the best one for you if you desire a warm, rustic look.

You can choose either horizontal or vertical wood fencing depending on your preference. Horizontal and vertical wood fencing cost the same, and they're both easy to install if you decide to do the work yourself. If you'd rather have professionals handle the installation, you can call on a local fence contractor. Not only will they handle the installation process, they may also be able to get you the best wood fencing deal. 

Besides its good looks, there are many benefits to real wood fencing. While you can save some money by purchasing a fence featuring faux wood, authentic hardwood may be more durable when properly cared for and maintained. Since wood is a natural material, there are some precautions you'll have to take to protect it from the natural elements. 

One major benefit of having an authentic wood fence is that it's simple to customize using both outdoor-rated paints and stains. No matter what shade of wood you'd like, from a light oak color to a deep, rich mahogany hue, you can have it. A classic white picket fence is also an option.

Once you've installed the wood fence of your dreams, here are some tips for maintaining it:

1. Keep it Clean

At least twice a year, such as during spring and fall, deep clean your wood fence using either a power washer on a low setting to avoid damage, or your yard hose. Start by mix a soap recommended for use on wood with water in a bucket, and apply it to the fence with a long-handled mop. Pay special attention to areas with a lot of debris, such as mold or mildew, and repeat the process if necessary. Rinse the soap off with a hose.

Be sure to use an environmentally friendly soap free of harsh chemicals and phosphates, as it will be washed off into the groundwater supply. If the soap and water technique doesn't remove the grime from the fence, you can rent or buy a power washer to handle the job.

2. Check for Loose Hardware 

As a part of your regular yard maintenance, check the wood fence for loose hardware, such as nails or hinges. Also, look for any rotting pickets that you can replace before it affects the looks and structural integrity of the fence. 

Look for any damage from pests, such as termites, and treat accordingly. It's also a good idea to clear away any vines to avoid mold and mildew  growth.