Why You Should Build A Deck Around Your Above-Ground Pool

If you've recently added an above-ground swimming pool to your backyard, it's important to consider the various elements that you can build around it. One good option is a deck. Think about hiring a contractor to discuss this project. If you don't currently have a deck, your contractor can design one that meets your approval. Should you already have a deck, there might be an option of extending it so that it surrounds at least part of your new pool. [Read More]

Why A Picket Fence With Larger Gaps May Appeal To You

One of the nice things about choosing a picket fence for your property is that you have lots of freedom about how much space you can have between each vertical board. Your local fencing company can give you some recommendations about what size of gaps are visually pleasing, but there may be scenarios in which you want to choose gaps that are larger than average. Don't be afraid to ask your fencing company to show you different examples of picket fences with larger gaps, as this will allow you to find a design that appeals to you. [Read More]

Choose One Of These Looks For Your Picket Fence

If you've decided that you want a picket fence around your yard, there's a good chance that white will be the first hue that comes to mind. White is an extremely popular color choice for this type of fence, but it's not the only option to consider. People who want their yards to look slightly different can go in an entirely different direction. Speak to your fence contractor about some other color choices; if he or she has experience with picket fences that aren't white, your contractor can also give you some suggestions about what looks can be eye-catching. [Read More]

Three Issues That A Gate Repair Professional Can Fix

Over time, the gate in the fence around your property may not work as seamlessly as it once did. Instead of struggling to open and close it each time, or perhaps choosing to leave it open permanently, you should take action by calling a gate repair professional. The contractor can visit your home, assess the issue, and then repair it to ensure that it works just like it used to. Depending on the type of gate you have, you could be looking at a wide range of issues. [Read More]