Why You Should Build A Deck Around Your Above-Ground Pool

If you've recently added an above-ground swimming pool to your backyard, it's important to consider the various elements that you can build around it. One good option is a deck. Think about hiring a contractor to discuss this project. If you don't currently have a deck, your contractor can design one that meets your approval. Should you already have a deck, there might be an option of extending it so that it surrounds at least part of your new pool. There are many benefits of having a deck around an above-ground pool, including the following.

It Improves Access To The Pool

On their own, above-ground swimming pools essentially just offer one way of getting in and out of the water. You'll need to use the provided ladder, because it's not typically possible or advisable to climb over the wall. When you add a deck around the pool, access to the water improves dramatically. Typically, people choose decks that are level with the top of the pool. This means that they can safely jump into the water, much like they might do with an in-ground pool. Additionally, it's easy to climb over the edge of the pool and onto the deck when you don't wish to use the ladder.

It Provides Some Privacy

You might not typically associate a deck with providing privacy for your yard, but this structure can definitely offer this perk around an above-ground swimming pool. Namely, if the deck has railings, it will partially block peoples' ability to see the pool to some degree from neighboring yards. If you want to swim without feeling as though people from nearby homes can see you, a deck in the right position around the pool can help to create this comforting feeling.

It Hides The Pool

While some above-ground pools can look stylish, this isn't always the case. There are many pool models that don't exactly offer visual appeal in your yard. For example, the walls might be bright white or blue, which may not match anything else in the yard and can really stand out for the wrong reasons. Another good reason to build a deck around the pool is that it will largely hide the pool walls. While the water and the pool liner will be visible, the exterior walls of the pool will disappear beneath the wood of your deck. The result can be a backyard that looks a lot more stylish.

If you're considering a deck install around your pool, consider also speaking with a local professional today.