Having A New Fence Installed? Here's What Your Contractor May Want To Know First

Installing a new fence is a great way to give your property new life and improve overall eye appeal. Here are a few things your contractor may want to know before installing your new fence for you:

Where Exactly Should the Fence Be Installed?

You should know exactly where you want to install your fence by the time your service provider shows up for your initial consultation appointment. This will save you and them some time, and the time saved means money saved for you. More importantly though, if you don't know where you want to install your fence, your contractor can't even begin to start planning your project.

They won't know how much fencing will be needed to complete the project, or whether they will be able to actually install the fence in the places you eventually decide it should go. Take the time to mark out where you want your new fence to go using tape, rope, or construction string. This will give you and your contractor a solid starting point when it comes time to start planning your fencing project.

What Kind of Fence Are You Interested In?

It's also a good idea to start thinking about what kind of fence you want to install before you consult with your fencing contractor for the first time. They can recommend options for you based on your specific needs and preferences, but it would be helpful to have already narrowed your options down to a few that you like the most.

This will give your contractor an idea of the look and feel you're going for and allow them to make recommendations that fit into your visionary and structural ideas. Make a list of specific types of fences such as cedar, iron, steel, or even aluminum to present to your contractor when you meet with them.

How Will the Fenced Area be Utilized?

Your contractor will want to know how your fenced area will be utilized to ensure that they install a fence that will hold up to your needs over time. If the fence will be used to contain pet dogs, they'll make sure that the fence installed is sturdy and tall enough to do so. If it will be used to keep kids safe while they play, your contractor can suggest options that will provide some privacy and security. Or, maybe you want to grow a garden that features vine veggies or flowers. Your contractor can install hooks and bars on the fence when they install it so you can let vines grow on the fence.

For additional information, reach out to a local fence company.