Three Issues That A Gate Repair Professional Can Fix

Over time, the gate in the fence around your property may not work as seamlessly as it once did. Instead of struggling to open and close it each time, or perhaps choosing to leave it open permanently, you should take action by calling a gate repair professional. The contractor can visit your home, assess the issue, and then repair it to ensure that it works just like it used to. Depending on the type of gate you have, you could be looking at a wide range of issues. Here are three issues that your gate repair professional can fix for you.

Sagging Gate

A common scenario that many people face is a gate that sags. This means that the gate no longer swings open and closed on a horizontal plane — rather, the bottom edge of the gate that is farthest away from the hinges sags toward the ground. A sagging gate is highly problematic because it will often fail to close. This issue can occur if you have a single or double gate. Often, the problem is that the mounting hardware that holds the hinges in place has pulled away from the wood. Your contractor will likely reinstall the hinges, which will have the gate sitting square once again.

Automatic Gate Breakdown

If your gate extends across your driveway, it may operate automatically. This is more desirable than a manual gate, as you'll be able to control it from your vehicle. Unfortunately, if your automatic gate no longer responds to you pressing the button on your remote, it will be a major hindrance. There are many factors that could be occurring, but your gate repair professional will determine what the problem is. For example, it's possible that the motor that operates the gate has some wiring problems because of moisture or that one of the gears have stripped. In either case, the contractor will repair or replace the motor so that the gate once again operates with the touch of a button.

Wooden Gate Rot

A wooden gate can rot over time, especially if the homeowner doesn't regularly treat the wood with stain or paint to keep moisture at bay. A rotten gate can be an eyesore, and may also do little in the way of providing security. Your gate repair contractor can deal with this issue by removing any rotten pieces of wood and replacing them. He or she will then stain or paint the gate to protect it.

Gate repair doesn't have to be a pain. Pick the right professional and you'll have it working properly in no time.