Choose One Of These Looks For Your Picket Fence

If you've decided that you want a picket fence around your yard, there's a good chance that white will be the first hue that comes to mind. White is an extremely popular color choice for this type of fence, but it's not the only option to consider. People who want their yards to look slightly different can go in an entirely different direction. Speak to your fence contractor about some other color choices; if he or she has experience with picket fences that aren't white, your contractor can also give you some suggestions about what looks can be eye-catching. Here are some looks that can work well for a picket fence.

Natural Wood

You don't automatically need to choose a color of paint for your picket fence. If you're someone who likes the look of wood, a fence that is devoid of paint can be favorable. Natural wood picket fences can vary in color based on the type of wood that your contractor uses. In most cases, you'll want to choose a stain that protects the wood from moisture. Many stains are slightly tinted, so you can choose a favorable hue that doesn't take away from the natural beauty of the wood.

Neutral Colors

Another option to consider is to ask your fence contractor to paint your new picket fence in a neutral color. Examples can include gray, taupe, or other similar hues. This will give it a different look than the usual white appearance and might be a good fit for your home. Lots of homeowners like the ability to match certain elements in their yards to their residences. For example, if your home has gray siding, it shouldn't be difficult to pick out a shade of gray that serves as a good color match.

Pastel Colors

Choosing a pastel color will give your new picket fence an appearance that is entirely different. If you're someone who loves vibrant colors and aims to incorporate different hues into your yard, a pastel-colored fence may appeal to you. There are many appropriate colors from which to choose, including pastel versions of blue, pink, green, and yellow. Some people favor having their fence stand out if they operate a home-based business. For example, if you run a daycare or a hairstyling service out of your home, it's convenient to tell new clients to look for the house with the pastel picket fence out front.

Choosing the right picket fence for your business can be quite fun when you consider your options. Talk to a local fence contractor today for help!