Common Mistakes To Avoid When Having A Fence Installed

If you hire professionals to install your fence, then you don't have to worry very much about the installation process itself. The installers will have the experience, tools, and materials to do a good job of putting up a durable, high-quality fence. However, there are still some mistakes that homeowners sometimes make when having a fence professionally installed. Take a look at those mistakes above so that you can do better and avoid making them.

Mistake #1: Not getting a quote first.

Fence installation costs can vary widely, depending on the materials used, the length of the fence, the terrain in your area, and so forth. As such fencing companies usually offer free quotes. Not getting a quote would be a mistake because you might end up with a bill that is higher than you'd expect. If you get two or three quotes, you can choose the company whose price and materials best fit your needs.

Mistake #2: Failing to check local building codes.

Usually, your fence installation contractor will check into local building codes and apply for any necessary permits. But sometimes, this is left to the homeowner -- and if codes are not followed, it may ultimately be up to you to make changes to the fence so it complies with code. So, always check with the fence company and ensure they're aware of local building codes and permitting requirements before they start working. If you do need a permit, you'll need to decide whether you'll pay for it out of pocket, or whether the fence company will pay for it and add it to your bill.

Mistake #3: Not checking whether the fence material is pre-finished.

Some fence companies install fences made from pre-finished lumber. Others install fences made from unfinished wood. Always check whether the material you are getting is finished or not before you have the fence installed. This way, you won't be surprised if you have to finish the fence later. Take this into account when pricing fences, too. It is often worth paying a little more for a fence made from pre-finished materials since you won't have to spend time staining or painting it later on.

Having a fence installed can transform your yard, but you do want to avoid these common mistakes throughout the process. Check into local building codes, get multiple quotes, and know whether you are getting pre-finished fence materials.

Talk to a company that offers fence installation services for more information.