The Top Advantages of a Wrought Iron Fence

A residential fence helps to keep out outsiders that may pose a threat to the safety of your family. As an outdoor feature of your home, they can contribute to your home's curb appeal and value. With the huge selection of fencing options available on the market, choosing the right fence for your home can be a daunting task. Each fence has unique characteristics that determine its best use.

Wrought iron fencing is one of the oldest types of fences available for modern homes. Despite the availability of steel as a cheaper alternative to wrought iron, the popularity of wrought iron fences hasn't waned over the years. If you are in the market for the perfect fencing material for your home, here are some reasons to consider a fence made of wrought iron.

Wrought iron is incredibly strong and durable

Wrought iron is one of the strongest fencing materials you can find out there. They are harder to break into than most fencing options including wood, vinyl, and concrete. This makes them a great choice for people that are concerned about the security of their homes. The higher tensile and compressive strength of wrought iron makes it highly resistant to bending, dents, and shock damage. Plus, wrought iron does a better job at handling rust than most ferrous metals. The small amount of slag added to wrought iron during the manufacturing process improves its corrosion resistance, so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment will last for a long time.

Wrought iron is the perfect choice of fencing for decorative purposes

If you want to build a fence that is tough and looks attractive, wrought iron is the perfect choice of fencing material. Rather than being poured into a mold to create the desired shape, a wrought iron fence is worked with tools. This explains where this type of fence gets its name. The impressive malleability of wrought iron makes it possible to create ornamental fences of virtually any shape you like, including bespoke designs. This makes wrought iron a stylish fencing option for your home. 

The biggest drawback of wrought iron fences is that they can be expensive, but if money is not a problem for you, these fences can deliver a high ROI. Talk to a fencing contractor close to you to establish if a wrought iron fence is the right option for your lovely and wonderful home.