3 Tools You Must Have When Building A Fence

Do you think you are going to take on building a fence on your own? If so, you need to have the following tools ready to go.

Measuring Wheel

Don't make the mistake of trying to measure the length of your fence with a tape measure. Not only is it a big pain to measure section by section, but it can make measuring incredibly inaccurate. After all, you have to keep moving the length of the tape measure, which can cause miscalculations each time you move the start and stop point. 

You'll want to have a measuring wheel instead. This wheel allows you to roll it across the ground and get an accurate measurement of the entire length of a fence from start to finish. You can do the measuring all on your own, and you can use it for lengths that are far longer than the standard tape measure.

Nail Gun

Many people assume that a power drill is going to be the best way to secure all of the sections of fence in place with screws. However, you should actually consider using a nail gun instead. You are actually going to get much better results with a nail gun and install the fence in record time. This is because you only need to calibrate the nail gun once to figure out the depth of how far you need to drive in each nail. Then every single nail will be installed with the same amount of force and depth as the previous nail. With a screw gun, it is very easy to overtighten nails and drive them partially through boards, which is not a consistent way to secure a fence with your fasteners.

String Line and Chalk Lines 

Two similar tools to have on hand is a string line and a chalk line. A string line can be used to set the height of your fence as you start building it, which ensures that every wood plank is at the precise height and does not drift downward or upward. A chalk line works great for making a straight line on the fencing material for where you will install all of your fasteners. This is helpful if you are securing each wood plank to a horizontal board and want to know exactly where that board is for each nail without having to manually check them and get slightly off during the installation process. 

Does this seem like too many tools that you don't have? Hire a fence company to do it all for you.