Things To Ask A Fence Contractor Before You Hire Them

Erecting a fence may be harder than you realize. Getting all the posts straight and even takes time and practice. If you are installing a chainlink, woven wire, barbed wire, or even electric wire fence, getting it taut enough so it doesn't bow or bend may take more than a few tries. Luckily, there are fence contractors who can get the job done for you. Professionals have all the tools, knowledge, and experience to create a fence that will serve its purpose and look good doing it. To make sure you hire someone who will give you your desired results, here are some things you should ask before signing a contract.

Type of Fencing Experience

Some fencing companies have workers experienced in each of the different types of fencing. If you are talking with a contractor who has only one team to do it all, they may not be experienced in all the different fencing types. For the best results, make sure you ask how much experience they have installing the fence you want. 

Licensed and Insured

Some people who do fencing are quite capable and would give you good results without the proper credentials. However, you should always go with a company that has everything in order. Accidents do happen, and if the contractor is not insured, you may be held responsible for any damage or injuries. If the company was not licensed, your homeowner's insurance may not cover the expenses for you.


It can take a while for a fence to start falling or bowing. When they are correctly erected, they should not do either of these for years, if at all. Make sure the contractor that you hire offers some type of guarantee for their work. They should be happy to come and make any necessary repairs without charging you more money. In most cases, it was not really their fault, but they need to fix things for you.

Once the fence is erected, be sure to ask the contractor how to maintain it. You need to know the best way to clean it and how to make small repairs that happen due to age, weather, or someone trying to climb it all the time. Of course, you could always ask them to come for the maintenance, too.

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