How Your Dog Keeps Escaping Your Fenced Off Backyard

Do you have a fenced off backyard, but your dog keeps finding a way to escape? It could be due to one of these problems.

The Fence Material

The problem may be that the dog has found a way to climb over the fence due to the material you are using. For example, a chain-link fence can actually be climbed by some dogs due to there being small holes for them to grab onto. This can lead to them being injured as they go over the top and crash down on the other side. If your dog is escaping in this way, you may want to replace the fence with a different type of material or make a modification.

For example, putting vinyl or metal privacy slats between the holes of the chain-link material can make it harder for them to fit their paws into the material. You can also replace the fence with a solid material, such as wood or PVC.

The Fence Height

It is possible that your dog is actually able to jump over the fence due to it not being very tall in height. While the main way to deal with this problem is to install a taller fence, that may not be possible based on your local city's laws. For instance, there may be rules on how tall a fence can be that is next to a neighboring property.

If your fence is well within the local laws, you can add onto the fence to make it slightly higher. Even putting a piece of fencing that slants inward can make it difficult for a dog to jump over the material. If the fence is as high as it can go, you could place an invisible fence around your property. Simply bury the line a few feet inward from the fence, and your dog will get a slight shock when they get too close to the fence to jump over it.

The Soil

Your dog may be escaping from digging under the fence material. As long as the fence is flush against the ground, you can fix this problem by installing a slab of concrete around the perimeter. You can cover the concrete with grass so that it looks nice, but if your dog tries to dig under the fence they will be stopped by that solid slab of concrete.

Reach out to a residential fencing services contractor for more tips on how to stop a dog from escaping a fenced off backyard.